Emotional competence and development of consciousness
for multipliers and entrepreneurs

Become an emotional expert!

  • As a coach, human resources manager, executive, mediator, emotional manager or multiplier, you are constantly confronted with the various emotions of your fellow human beings and wish to be able to better interpret and classify them?
  • You wish for a finally working recipe for a competent handling of your own emotions and those of others?
  • You know that your inner balance is an important prerequisite for being able to lead and accompany other people in an emotionally competent way?
  • You want a real culture change in your company and you just don't know where to start?

Then you've come to the right place.

This seminar series takes you on a journey to your inner resources. It accompanies you to explore your own emotional profile, your motivational structures and to get rid of emotional blocks.

Your inner tidying paves the way for you to authentically pass on this knowledge to others and to support and accompany them in their processes of change. You learn how to recognize the feelings of your fellow human beings at an early stage and how to help them to deal with them in an emotionally competent way. No matter whether in coaching or mediation conversations, employee or client contact.

The emotional expert seminars build on each other and form a closed, holistic and integrative training.

The training is primarily aimed at participants who work with people themselves. But everyone who is interested is welcome.

We use the latest findings from brain and emotion research, energetic psychology and heart intelligence and combine them with the traditional knowledge of spiritual traditions.

If you have previous knowledge, you can also book the advanced seminars as individual modules.

The emotional universe

Feelings are an important expression of our aliveness and intelligence. They provide us with energies for action, for the things that are important to us. But many times we have forgotten to understand their language.

The inability to distinguish feelings, especially in professional life, has contributed to a blanket view of them as unprofessional, disruptive, or even threatening. But feelings are not the problem. They are problem-solving strategies.

In this module you will learn the universal language of emotions. You will learn which universal recognition features they have, which valuable messages they contain for you and others and how you deal with these messages. It enables you to deal honestly and mindfully with your own emotional world and the emotional messages of others.


  • How feelings and emotions arise and what important messages they contain for you
  • How you can use your emotional powers positively for yourself
  • Mindfulness training to increase your ability to recognize emotions
  • What are the universally recognizable emotions? How you can accurately identify them through the facial expressions and body language of your fellow human beings.
  • You test and develop your emotion recognition skills
  • You learn how to respond to the emotional signals of your fellow human beings in an empathic and goal-oriented way.

  • Incl. emotions workbook, emotion recognition tests & video examples

He-Know-You & Others

Why do you live the way you do? Why do you experience certain feelings over and over again, others little or not at all? What emotional survival strategies do you use to avoid certain feelings?

If you limit yourself to the purely rational, you live and function without true inspiration and holistic decision-making ability. When people are in touch with their feelings, they are in touch with themselves: With their needs, values, their sense of coherence, their intuition.

Herein lies the key to truly fulfilling relationships. No matter whether in a professional or private environment. This module gives you access to it (again). With the help of the tool for emotional profile and motive analysis, you will gain deep knowledge of yourself and your fellow human beings. You will learn how to use this new knowledge of self and people in your environment and how to accompany others on their path of knowledge.


  • How thoughts and feelings shape your personality
  • What are your emotional survival strategies? Which ones do you use predominantly?
  • Your emotional profile: Which emotional forces do you (not) live? Where do you experience feelings as an obstacle?
  • Your ostensible motives in life: what are you really living for?
  • You test and develop your emotion recognition skills
  • How to use the knowledge of motivational structures, emotions and personality empathically and purposefully in dealing with your employees and clients.
  • Incl. emotional profile & motive analysis

Free yourself

One of our biggest mistakes on the road to emotional healing is trying to solve the problem instead of solving the feeling. We can't think through feelings to get rid of them either. It is necessary to finally engage the emotional level by starting to feel again.

In this module you will learn how to do that. You will get to know different methods to dissolve emotional blockages and learn how to apply them to yourself and others. You free yourself from old emotional burdens and take full responsibility for your feelings and your life again.


  • Your emotional baggage, its size and nature
  • Why unpacking is important
  • Dramas, buttons and absolutes
  • How your past determines your present (no longer)
  • Methods (from energetic psychology, kinesiology) to dissolve blocking emotional burdens of the past 

  • Attention: Change is happening here!

Enable yourself

Effective change needs constant contact with what is. It needs the ability to question one's own course, one's own assessments and needs again and again.

This module enables you to use your emotional powers permanently in order to develop sustainable resilience and to be able to face life in its diversity with self-confidence.

You will learn emotional hygiene techniques to protect yourself from emotional contagion or chain reactions in daily interactions.

You lay the foundation for your transformation by learning to navigate emotions and harness their navigating and manifesting powers.


  • How to create the right feelings
  • Emotional Hygiene, Emotional & Stress Management for Every Day.
  • How to make heart intelligence work for you
  • How to gain self-awareness through emotional awareness
  • How to use emotions as a reliable navigator in the VUCA world