I'm Mila Vogel.

I support multipliers in finding an authentic way of dealing with their own emotions and those of others. A way of dealing that makes genuine contact possible and creates the conditions for a cultural change in companies.

I am an empath and analyst, a free spirit with a penchant for structure.

Quite the antithesis? That's what I thought for a long time.

In my 11 years of self-employed work as a trainer and coach, I have coached, accompanied and supported specialists and managers from a wide range of industries in overcoming a variety of crisis situations.

In the process, the realization deepened in me that the neglect of our emotional side and the overemphasis on the so-called homo economicus, who acts in a strictly rational and profit-oriented manner, has devastating consequences. Encouraged traits are amplified, the others wither away. People suffer or feel empty because they work against their values or block out disturbing emotions.

And I could relate to that very well. I myself am an emotional person. And that seemed to me to be an outright contradiction to my claim of competence and professionalism.

Until, thanks to various inner and outer processes, I learned to appreciate the value of my sensations and their messages. Until I understood that we have multiple intelligences, of which ratio is only one part, albeit an important one.

My drive is to make this also tangible for others. When we are in contact with ourselves, true togetherness becomes possible. Where we bring ourselves in as whole beings, we can bring about the urgently needed change.

"Hard facts:

  • Studies in communication sciences, art history, German language and literature
  • 3 years abroad in South-East Asia, Netherlands
  • 9 years of professional experience in the areas of office communication, PR and marketing, personnel selection and personnel development.
  • 11 years of self-employment as trainer & coach
  • Training as communication and behavioural trainer, systemic business coach, facial expression resonance trainer
  • Further education and training, e.g. PSYCH-K, Wingwave, energy field reading, meditation