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Leading with emotional competence

More than ever, leadership must be a service to the system. In other words, it must also be a service to the people who are being led. Instead of exercising power and control, what counts today more than ever is empowering others to be able to contribute fully.

"Power with" instead of "power over" it says, dn practice, however, managers often fail to live up to this claim because they simply lack role models.

Are you ready for a new kind of leadership and human collaboration? You need inspiration and concrete recommendations on how to bind employees to your company in the long term? Are you concerned with perceived values and not with cleverly influencing your team according to certain ideas?

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Emotionally competent teams

In order for teams to work along the lines of a living system, they must allow themselves to be fully alive.

This is not about harmony at all, but about a positive field of tension between different perspectives and points of view, from which the truly new can emerge. This becomes possible when team members begin to be emotionally present as well. Through a connection of collective mental and emotional intelligence, a team becomes a source of true innovation.

That takes courage and is not always pleasant. Courage to question everything: What does success mean to us? Why do we do what we do? Where is the meaning? Who can contribute to it and how?

You want an exceptional form of collaboration in which all team members form a strong bond with each other? You want to be a team that delivers top performance because it makes the best use of existing resources? 

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Solving conflicts with emotional competence

Few of us have learned to argue well. That's why we ignore conflicts, because the danger is too great to put myself in a minefield of emotional activation.

Or emotional motives are dressed up in rational arguments, and any attempt to dispel them leads astray, because their origin lies elsewhere. Or (pseudo) conflicts are literally provoked in order to get rid of one's own inner charge.

Which conflict style you prefer to use and when you have a conflict with whom is directly related to the extent of your anger power and the nature of your emotional baggage.

You want to deal with conflicts in your team in an emotionally competent way, so that a real contact can be established again, which enables an extraordinary cooperation? You are ready to tackle an existing conflict and need impulses, courage and concrete recommendations for action? You generally wish for an emotionally competent handling of conflict situations?

Then contact me. I will be happy to provide you with an offer tailored to your needs.